WILD - 50ML Eau de Parfum


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Cruelty free

Made in Holland

Scent story

In a country where every square inch was either created or is managed by humans, it is hard to find what is left of true wilderness. Fortunately some ancient forest still exist, as the last remaining wild parts of the Netherlands. It is here where you can spot wildlife like red- and roe deer, wild boars, foxes, mouflons and even the recently returned wolves.

Naturally, even these wild parts of Dutch nature are in some way or another, still being managed by humans. Take the mouflon, a wild sheep native to the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, but who now roams the Veluwe and introduced there by humans. As the mouflon is the only grazer who eats the Scots Pine, it supports the heather fields from being overgrown by this tree.
The wild part of this story is that the wolf has returned. Without the help of humans. And it can not be stopped. The wolf has even already killed most of those mouflons in the past 3 years.
So no matter how high the fences are, nature goes its own way. Our WILD perfume pays tribute to this boundless wild side of Dutch nature.

Years I have been searching for a fragrance like WILD. The smell of autumn, deep, heavy, strong. I can't describe how happy I am with this creation!

- D. Reurs

It has so many complex layers of scent and even brings to mind the beautiful, now discontinued, Bvlgari Black which I adored. This will be a new favourite I know!

- Nicola Manning

Wild is a wonderful scent that takes me back to my youth; visits to a campsite in the middle of the forest. The wonderful sweet resin smell, the fresh green and the earthiness of a forest floor.

- Mariët Breij