In honor of our Dutch Heritage

Banging the waves of the North Sea upon our coast, the wind has never stopped blowing against and over our land. For centuries the Dutch have been battling these forces of Mother Nature striving to win and protect their land from the sea. We cannot control the winds but we can direct our sails. And we did.


A tribute to the last remaining primal Dutch forests such as the enchanting forests of the Veluwe, in full glory. Purely WILD.


MILLS is our way of time traveling back to the Dutch Golden Age. This spicy perfume is made from the spices that Dutch windmills used to grind.


An enchanting, green Eau de Parfum which we made in honor of the Dutch polders; man-made land that the Dutch courageously reclaimed from the sea.

Want to try it first?

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We've got fans!

A Dutch, beautiful and delicious product!

- Eddy Zoey (NL)

The scent is exactly what you'd expect from its name. It really smells like the green polders. Pleasantly fresh with a great longevity and mild sillage.

- Stan

Really worth trying this perfume. I'm happily surprised!


The package alone is amazing already!

- @frag.rens

"MILLS perfume makes the marketing perfumes from the big guys (Dior, Armani and all those other ones) extremely boring".

- Erik Zwaga (