Creator of watches and perfumes

Joeri Hottentot

Besides creating perfumes for Van De Zotte, I actually also make sustainable, wooden watches for my watch brand HOT&TOT.

I like to create products that tell a story. Or that actually don't even exist without the story. In these prosperous times that we live in, where pretty much anything can be made or reproduced, there is a growing demand for authentic experiences. Together with graphic designer Ferry Zomerdijk, we created our first perfume MILLS in 2018. This was our way of letting people experience the crafts and scents that can be found in a traditional Dutch windmill. And it's these windmills that have shaped our country to what it is today.
It's a story worth telling.

And olfactory experiences are a mesmerizing way of storytelling.

I believe that scents and the olfactory system are hugely underestimated means of communication amongst humans. I mean, I can show you a photo of a windmill or a Dutch polder, and you'd probably like it. But if I let you smell the ages of craftsmanship which can be found in a windmill. Or if my perfumes can make you imagine as if you were standing in the middle of a polder, surrounded by grass and herbs, six meters below sealevel, it might just bring a tear to your eye.

And that's what scents can do.
My perfumes are my way of storytelling. They will give you an olfactory experience of our Dutch heritage.