POLDER - 50ML Eau de Parfum


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Cruelty free

Made in Holland

Scent story

Our country is sinking an average of 7mm each year. Meanwhile the North Sea keeps banging more and more waves upon our dunes and dykes. Behind those dykes over 10 million Dutch live their lives on safe and fertile polder land. But for how long?

Eventhough roughly 2/3 of the Dutch population lives here, below sea level, most of them don't realize how special this is. These polders are manmade by our Dutch ancestors. With nothing more than a shovel in the hand. Hard-fought lands, finally claimed back from the sea after centuries of battling the so called Water Wolf. Turned into beautiful and fertile land to live on.
Our POLDER perfume lets you experience what is smells like 6 meters below sea level.

It is bright green. Made from polder herbs you can find in the farm fields surrounding the cities. Imagine the smell of fresh cut grass, which on your skin slowly develops into warm hay and dry wood.

This fragrance leads you through freshly cut fields to the polder village De Rijp.

- Noordhollands Dagblad

A surprising and attractive perfume with fortunately only the good smells of the polders

- VRIJ Magazine

Wonderful scent of the polders. Hard to describe, but it's like coming home.

- Kim van Elk