The Craft of the Miller

We cherish the craft of the Dutch Miller and we love the crafty smell which you experience when you visit any Dutch windmill. So we accepted the challenge to try and bottle up this beautiful mix of scents from wood, craftsmanship and spices. For the gutsy men who stand their ground. For men who respectfully battle the force of Mother Nature yet adore her harvests; her winds, her rains, her crops and her spices. As scents and memories are bonded in this bottle, MILLS is our way to time travel you back to the Dutch Golden Age.

MILLS Eau de Parfum

A 50ML bottle of what just might be your new signature scent. Smell unique and smell amazing. We guarantee you will get compliments when wearing our MILLS.

Want to try it first?

No matter what words or photos we use, there is no way to describe a perfume's scent. You can try out MILLS first by purchasing our 4ML sample. That is enough to keep you smelling amazing for up to a month!

We've got fans!

A Dutch, beautiful and delicious product!

- Eddy Zoey (NL)

My husband loves it

- Oksana (DE)

Really worth trying this perfume. I'm happily surprised!


The package alone is amazing already!

- @frag.rens

"This perfume (...) makes the marketing perfumes from the big guys (Dior, Armani and all those other ones) extremely boring".

- Erik Zwaga (

What's in it?

In honor of our Dutch ancestors and of the soil which we stand on, we have created MILLS. A distinctive and dashing fragrance of the incredible scents of the following spices:

Black Pepper

Also referred to as 'the King of Spices' or even 'Black gold'. Hot, fresh, almost tingly to sniff: this top note perks up our MILLS perfume, adding instant brightness.


Considered one of 'The Big Four' spices, to which Cinnamon and Pepper also belong. A powerful heart note and according to 19th century's great perfumer Septimus Piesse“…. undoubtedly one of the most gratifying to the smelling nerve that has ever been made…”.


So warm, metallic almost, spicy of course, gourmand, hitting the nose with memories of rice pudding with cinnamon sugar, and making your saliva flow. Cinnamon is spicy and enticing, comforting and sweet, all at once.

And a hint of

Brisky bergamot

Similar in scent to a sweet orange, but also has fresh, spicy hints. This zesty and beautiful scent is found in the top notes of our perfume and adds vibrancy and freshness to it.

Earthy vetiver

Sometimes referred to as the “Scent of Tranquility”, for its calming effects. Vetiver smells dry, earthy, woody, leathery and smoky. Think of uncut grass on a warm day. Vetiver adds elegancy and complexity.

Sweet saffran

The priciest of spices – known as ‘red gold’, provides a beautiful golden yellow colour. Saffron smells strong, leathery, soft, earthy, hay-like and it adds a sweet note to our spicy, woody perfume.

Smokey tobacco

You don't have to be a smoker to find the earthy scent of tobacco compelling. Its characteristic aroma is sweet, herbaceous, woody, slightly mossy, leather and chocolate